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EnduraPlus Premier Roofing System
EnduraPlus Roofing System is the best option for lightweight roof construction for re-roofing of existing rubber roofs and conventional modified asphalt roofs.  With high structural integrity, seamless spray-in-place rigid polyurethane foam, and an integrated layer of protective elastomeric coating, EnduraPlus can provide a durable, lightweight, energy effiicient, and weather resistant solution for years to come.

Durable And Lightweight

This proven premier roofing system incorporates high compressive strength with lightweight, rigid polyurethane spray foam to improve overall structural integrity and superior strength.  The spray foam and coating system weighs less that a pound per square foot, making it an excellent choice for a variety of roofing substrates.

Protective Seamless Cover
Our advanced spray polyurethane foam is self-flashing and sprayed in place, so there are no seams, channels, complex flashings or overlapping edges for water to seep through.  It provides a tight, weatherproof fit.

Cost Effective
EndraPlus is a cost effective solution to both install and maintain.  Our premium coatings and advanced spray polyurethane foam may not require a tear-off of an existing roof prior to re-roofing, thus saving you money and installation time.

Reduces Energy Costs
Advanced closed cell spray polyurethane foam is specially formulated to provide unmatched insulation that translates into dramatically reduced energy costs for you.

Advanced, Breathable Spray Foam
While closed cell spray polyurethane foam is impervious to liquid water, water vapor can diffuse through the foam.  Spray foam thickness can be adjusted on-site to improve water drainage while eliminating the detrimental effects of standing water.

Environmentally Friendly
By maximizing energy and cost savings, EnduraPlus reduces the environmental impact and meets Energy Star guidelines.  In addition, since no tear off is required, there’s no landfill waste and fees.

Almost maintenance free, EnduraPlus is easy to care for and virtually trouble-free, allowing the roofing system to last a lifetime at a minimal cost.

Unmatched Adaptability
Lightweight and extremely adaptable, EnduraPlus conforms to complex roofing details that are difficult to flash with other roofing systems.  It’s self-adhering and doesn’t require screws and fasteners to penetrate the roof deck, and it can be applied in sections, never requiring exposure of open roof decks. 
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